Royal Birkdale Golf Club

Dear Fellow Member

At the Past Captains meeting in 2018, the question of the present Management Structure of RBGC not being fit for purpose was raised. Immediate Past Captain (Mike Burns) was asked to raise the Past Captains concerns at Council and the need to look at whether RBGC needed an alternative management structure, particularly the appointment of a Chairman to oversee long-term matters.

The issue was brought to Council on 7th January 2019 when Council members were asked to give further thought to enable more detailed discussion at the next Council meeting.

As a result of further discussion regarding the present Club structure at the February 2019 Council meeting, Council were keen to explore the pros and cons of the management structure in other clubs. The Captain (NPO’D) and Immediate Past Captain (MB) were asked to form a small committee (the Management Structure Review Committee MSRC) ‘to research the whole subject’.

The Committee members were chosen from Past-Captains who had been in office in the preceding ten years, as it was felt this group would have first-hand experience of the roles and responsibilities of an RBGC Captain in the present era. It was felt that this group should also include the Immediate Past Lady Captain Fiona Boyd and Roger Cox, in view of Roger’s experience in covering the Managing Secretary position for two separate periods. The Committee has met on fifteen separate occasions since its inception and presented two draft reports to Council in the last few months, prior to Council deliberating the final Report at their November 2020 Council meeting. (The Committee members are listed at the end of this letter)

Attached you will find the MSRC Final Report along with a chart laying out a proposed Management Structure for RBGC and a document answering what the committee consider will be the most frequently asked questions. Should anyone wish to receive a hard copy of the documentation please let the Managing Secretary know and he will post them to you.

MSRC Report - Final.pdf

2020.10.12 Organisation Structure with Nominations - Final.pdf

Frequently Asked Questions.pdf

In recognition of equality, this letter and accompanying documents is being sent to all Past Captains, Past Lady Captains, Past Presidents and Past Lady Presidents simultaneously.

If possible could any feedback (email/letter/phone call) go to MSRC Chairman Niall O’Donnell, although all the members of the MSRC are happy to take feedback and comments. 

The MSRC Members details are listed as follows:

Niall P O’Donnell (Chairman): 07921551129

Mike Burns:  07771990331

Rob Russell: 07791534607

Fiona Boyd: 07866457981

Peter Griffiths:  07802199833

Roger Cox: 07872616571

Once any feedback is received, if there is a need for a further meeting of the MSRC, any changes to the Report or proposed Management Structure will be discussed at Council, before going out to the membership.

We would be grateful if any feedback could be forwarded to reach the MSRC members within two weeks of the date of this letter.

The Lady Captain and I would like to thank Niall O’Donnell and his committee for their time and commitment over the last 18 months in producing this extensive Report.

Yours Sincerely,

David Richards                                 Sally Hadden
Captain                                               Lady Captain

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