Royal Birkdale Golf Club


1. When was Royal status received?
Answer: 1951

2. How many bunkers are on the course?
Answer: 121

3. What does the plaque on the 16th hole relate to?
Answer: Arnold Palmer - 1961 Open Championship

4. Who won the Ladies British Open Championship in 1982?
Answer: Marta Figueras-Dotti

5. How many championships have we hosted over the last 70 years?
Answer: 46

6. When did we celebrate the centenary?
Answer: 1989

7. Who designed the clubhouse? (On its current site)
Answer: G.Tonge

8. What was the clubhouse likened to by the reports at the time?
Answer: A Ship

9. When did we host our first Open Championship?
Answer: 1954

10. What species of toad is famous on our links?
Natterjack Toad

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