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Course Open - 11 Holes (1-4, Short 6, 8-13) Updated: 8th Dec 2023

Member Feedback Form

Following feedback from the  Survey and recent in-person meetings with Members, it was pointed out that Members were unsure where to offer feedback on their experiences at the Club.

Council is always keen to receive feedback either informally to Chairs of any Sub-Committee or through the office.  As a result of the feedback, Members now also have the opportunity to fill out a feedback form which will go to the Managing Secretary in the first instance. Depending on the nature of the comments, they will either be dealt with directly or escalated to the various Sub-Committees for a response.

The feedback form differs from the overarching Club survey, which asked Members to comment on their overall experiences. This form is designed to comment on more specific matters and allow Members to offer either positive feedback or voice their concerns. All feedback will be shared with Council. Should Members wish to have a topic discussed at Council, they should continue with the current practice of writing to or emailing the Managing Secretary for him to add to the meeting agenda. 

Please note that the form is for members only and should not be shared with non-members.   Click here to view and fill. 

We look forward to receiving constructive comments from our Members.

Sent of behalf of the Club Council

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