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Course Open 11 Holes (1-4, Short 6, 8-13) Updated: 2nd Apr 2024

Members Survey and Values Meetings

Recently the Golf Club shared the results of the Members' survey and the values that were most important to members of this Club. The survey results were very encouraging;  the Club scored highly in most areas regarding member satisfaction. If you have not yet read the survey results, you can view them by clicking here.

As with all organisations, there is room for improvement and an area that had modest approval ratings from members was the following:

As a member of Royal Birkdale, do you believe that your voice?

  • Is currently being heard by the Council - 2.82/5

  • Is fairly represented on the Council - 2.94/5

We invited members to a series of meetings to review the survey and to take any questions  on the survey results and Club values. The meeting consisted of a short presentation,  followed by an opportunity to ask questions and make observations.

At the time some members asked if we could carry out an online meeting. This will go ahead this Saturday, 13th May at 5 PM.

To ensure the meeting can be run effectively, we will limit the capacity to approximately 40 people. To register your attendance,  please fill out the below form. A Teams link will be sent before the meeting to all those attending.


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