Royal Birkdale Golf Club


A project that had to be delayed due to Covid restrictions has been rescheduled to start on or around the 9th of November 2021.

The objective of the project is to refresh the current toilet area and shower room to bring to the standard of the rest of the clubhouse refurbishment.

The showers and toilets will not be in use while the project is ongoing which is likely to be for 8 weeks. Limited access to the locker room will be available, however, we recommend that members remove items from their lockers while work is on-going.

Project Plan


  • Sandblasted glass doors replacing the existing shower curtains supported on simple panel cubicle divisions will be used. Due to the limited space available, the front wall will be brought forward slightly to maximise the space within each cubicle.

  • To improve the functional detailing, visuals, create a greater sense of space and improve the safety aspect in use, the step down will be removed and the cubicle entrance will be level access floor tiling.

  • The shower units will be simple thermostatic recessed valves operating an overhead shower.

  • The colour palette will generally follow the new simple clean, light finishes used throughout the clubhouse enhancing the space available.

  • The existing saloon doors to the shower area will be removed and replaced with a frameless glass door including the RBGC logo as that between the Spike Bar and Main Lounge.


  • The works to the Toilet area will echo those in the showers in terms of lightening and brightening the area with similar IPS wall panelling replacing the existing blue panels.

  • The vanity unit will be refurbished and modernised with new wash hand bowls and taps.

  • The existing toilet cubicle doors will be refinished to the new theme and the existing WC’s will be replaced with an updated model.

  • The saloon doors will be replaced with a frameless glass door.

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