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Course Status

*Course Open* GUR and No Play Zones in effect (see hard card) Updated: 6th Jun 2024


As we move towards another golfing season following the clocks moving forward I feel it would be a good time to remind members of their responsibility while playing on the course and on the practice area and also a reminder about members' guests.

Practice Ground

Short Game Area - This is for chipping and bunker shots only please avoid taking large divots close to the greens.

Practice Balls - There is a supply issue at the moment and we are working on solutions. While we have some we are able to replenish we are aware that the balls are not in the best of condition but we are doing our best to secure more.

Token System - Soon we will be returning to the token system for dispensing the range balls. Quite often members have a habit of forgetting to return unused tokens, therefore to avoid unnecessary costs to the Club we are having a token 'amnesty'. Would members please bring unused tokens back to the Professional Shop.

Course Pitchmarks - Imperative that these are repaired immediately, please ensure you check the front of the greens as these often get forgotten.

Divots - Once again do your best to repair your divot. If the divot disintegrates then try and make good by tapping both sides with your club. Please avoid taking divots with practice swings at all costs.

Bunkers - The bunkers are raked by the team every morning and it's the responsibility of the player to ensure that they repair footprints by taking the time to smooth the sand once finished.

Members Guests - While we understand that some members' guests may not know the course and take slightly longer to play it's the responsibility of the member to ensure that the pace of play of the group is not affecting the rest of the field. Please be aware that if the group is playing slowly faster groups must be allowed to play through. It's also the responsibility of the member to inform their guests of the dress and behavioural expectations of the Club. 

Members Guests (2) - A reminder that the allocation is 24 rounds per annum at the members' guest rate and that an individual guest is restricted to 6 times per annum. This information is recorded. Also, members should avoid signing in guests on behalf of another member.

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