Royal Birkdale Golf Club

Update from the MSRC

Following the recent circulation of the draft MSRC Report, we received some very helpful responses. The MSRC has briefed Council on these responses, and we have been asked to make alterations to our report to improve clarity. Council also suggested we may wish to consider seeking some indication of opinions to these further changes. As a reminder this is the link to a webpage with all the reports we previopusly sent accessible should you wish to read them again.

Nominations Committee (NC)

It is evident from replies that we have not made it clear enough that our proposal is for the NC to source candidates for election to Council and the Committees. NC will hopefully provide a list of candidates to Council for the various vacancies, BUT Council will make all final decisions as who is to go forward for election or to sit on a sub-committee, including NC.


Our proposal of disbanding the ladies committee is designed as a step forward in terms of equality. We want ladies to be proportionally represented on all committees, to play an instrumental role in the governance of the Club as a whole, rather than stand as a separate section.

Currently, our Ladies total around 30% of the full membership. We propose that the NC should have a minimum representation of 25% of Ladies on their committee.

The Terms of Reference of the NC will state that the committee must be mindful of equality and formally report to Council should the total headcount of ladies on all committees fall below (say) 25% of the full membership explaining why such a shortfall has occurred. We are conscious and support that in all areas we are seen to embrace equality, as far as reasonably possible, but appreciate there may be valid reasons why this is not an option at all times.

Ladies AGM

With changes proposed to address gender equality, the MSRC feel there will no longer be a need for the Ladies AGM. This would mean that the Lady President would need to be elected at The Club AGM. For equality, this would mean that both the President and the Lady President would sit on Council.


MSRC in carrying out this major reorganisation feel that it is an appropriate time to review the size of Council. In recent years it has oscillated between 14 & 15. Our view is that we should reduce its number. We have already suggested that the Immediate Past Captain, Chair of Planning and Chair of Championship step back from Council.

In response to our report, several Past Officers questioned the role of the President on Council. In terms of reducing the numbers on Council, the MSRC is also concerned that for the Presidents to be equal the Lady President would also sit on Council. This would be counterproductive in terms of reducing the numbers.

To this end, the MSRC is considering the possibility of the President stepping down from Council.

We would be pleased to receive your answers to the questions below before we finalise our recommendations.


If you wish to discuss any points, please contact the Chair of the MSRC  Niall O'Donnell or any other member of the committee if more convenient. Their details can be found on the original report.

We would appreciate if we could have all replies by Tuesday 22nd December. Ideally we would encourage all recipients to reply to ensure the final outcome reflects the opinion of all those concerned at this stage.

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