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*Course Open* GUR and No Play Zones in effect (see hard card) Updated: 6th Jun 2024

Starter Hut(s) Auction

We recently communicated that we will be constructing a new starter hut in the near future, see below mock up of what the new building will look like.

As part of the project the current starters hut will be dismantled and we wish to offer members the opportunity to bid for these huts in aid of the Captains' Charities.

The huts are in a hex shape but the maximum width and length is 120" x 120" in old money or 300mm x 300mm in new. The height is approximately the same (120"/300mm).

The huts will be delivered free of charge but please be aware that reassembly will be the responsibility of the winning bidder. All surplus made from the sale will go to the Captains' Charities

These huts have been in situ since 2007 and since that time the Club has hosted the following Championships

  • 2008 & 2017 - The Open Championship

  • 2010 & 2015 - The Womens Open Championship

  • 2013 - The Senior Open Championship

  • 2020 - The Amateur Championship

  • 2015 - The Boys Championship

Many top professional &  amateur players will have either walked past the sheds or popped in for shelter. Not a bad item to have in your garden with all that history attached. They will also work as practical storage.

The only caveat on the sale of these huts is we don't know how easy it is to dismantle them until we come to actually do the job. If its impossible to dismantle them in a condition to to be moved and reassmbled all bids will be voided.

Please fill out the form below to place your bid, members have until Thursday 16th March at 5PM. 


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